Making Contacts

Getting More Media Coverage and Better Gigs

Just a short one today but a goodie nevertheless. Once you get a show, ask the promoter to share their media list with you so that you can promote the gig. Most promoters will be happy to share as it’s in their interest for you to get the gig...


Media Promotion

If you have a big advertising budget and can afford a PR firm then by all means feel free to skip this post. However, for the rest of us, there are definitely things we can do for ourselves. Even if you CAN afford the big boys it’s good to...


We Have Contact

Making contacts is important; making friends, even more so. Doesn’t everyone do more to help their friends than strangers? There are of course many ways to make contacts but there is no substitute for the personal touch. So how can you meet the people you need to meet face-to-face?...