Today I want to start a short series looking at some of the supporting roles in the industry. Producers work in the studio. They are responsible for producing a project on time and within budget. They have the final decision on which songs are recorded and how they are...


Music PCs – part 2

So continuing from last time let’s move on and look at what else can affect our sequencer performance. Hard Disk Drives Hard Disk Drives are where data is stored when the computer is powered off. The most important factor is the rotation speed. The faster the disc rotates the faster...


Top 10 Tips for Bands – part 2

As promised – here is my second batch of top tips. For last time’s tips on playing live look here. Top 10 tips for in the studio 1.Meet the producer / engineer before the session. Discuss your project with them. Make sure they understand what you want. Play them some songs....