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Your Website – Ease Of Use – part 2

Carrying on from last time …….. Less is More Less clicks is always better. If you have to click through 5 pages to get to where you want does that make you happy? So why make your users miserable? Cut out excess. Get them there in 2 clicks, not...


Your Website – Ease Of Use – part 1

What I want you to think about today is, is your website as effective and user-friendly as it could be? If people can’t find what they’re looking for in seconds they will just click “back” and go to the next option on Google. How easy is it for people...


Get Connected

Online promotion is the big buzz these days. But doing stuff offline (recording, gigging, meeting contacts and fans and selling stuff) is also important. And if the 2 don’t connect you’re making your life a lot harder. When people go to your website or Facebook page, what’s the first...