Enjoy the Silence – Getting Heard – part 1

Music needs to be heard. Full stop, end of story.  OK, maybe I should give a little more detail.

Films, you might go and see because of the trailer. Or because you’re taking someone to the cinema on a date and you have to watch something.

Books, you might read because you’re in an airport and need something to read, or you like the cover in a bookshop. Generally you don’t read the same book over and over again so new books need to be found.

TV programmes are there waiting to be watched when you turn on.

But music is a little different. Most people, do listen to the same songs over again. For most people the hunger for new music is relatively low. Most people don’t buy new music by people they’ve never heard of. The ONLY way to get people to buy is to get them to listen. And that’s not easy.

Even with people who are actively looking for new music (and initially these are the people you need to spread that word of mouth), how do you get them to find yours? And if they do, there’s a saying; getting the first listen is easy (with those that are looking at least), getting the second is hard. Your material needs to be good/catchy/interesting enough to get them to want to hear it again; and to want to hear more.

No one is going to hear your music if it isn’t out there to hear. And no one is going to find out about it, unless you get it into places where they can find out about it.

No one in the industry is going to take you seriously if you don’t have the numbers (Facebook likes, Twitter follows, YouTube views). And while it is certainly possible to get the likes and follows without people listening to the music, what is that really worth? The industry will look at interactions, comments, responses, etc., not just the numbers.

First of all of course, you need a Facebook page, Twitter account and YouTube channel (this is assuming you have some music to put there, if not, what are you doing here? – go and make some 😉 ).

Today I’ll touch on Facebook with others to follow next time.


Facebook are quite strict about accounts. You cannot make a Facebook account in your band name. If you are a solo artist you must use your real name, not a stage name. But frankly, Facebook accounts are not designed for promoting artists, and it is better in many ways to separate your private life from your work life anyway.

So you will need to set up a Facebook account in your own name for private use and then, create a page for professional use. A page can have many users (administrators) and so all members of your band will be able to access it once one of you has created it.

Log into Facebook and on the left you should see an option to “Create a Page”. Click on it and select “Artist, Band or Public Figure” Select Musician/Band (or possibly artist if you feel arty enough but this really means painter types). Enter your band name and voila! A page. You will need to fill in some more details but these are self-explanatory.

You will need a profile picture (band logo / or PR shot?)and a page cover photo  (ideally 851 by 315 pixels or some will be cut off – see below for more details).

FB Header

Once the page is created, other members of the band must like it, you may need to send them the link at the top of your page so they can find it easily. Once they have liked it, you should go to your page, click on “Settings” (top right at time of writing) and then “Page Roles” on the left. You can then click on “Add Another Person”, type in the names of other band members and set them as “Admin”. They will then have the same access rights as you. Once you are an admin the page should appear on the left of your personal account. Click on it to take you there.

So now you have your page. You need to do something with it which I’ll cover in a week or so. But first we’re going to look at Twitter, YouTube and Sound Cloud. Until next time – Sayonara.




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