Enjoy the Silence – Getting Heard – part 2

Welcome back. Last  time we started on social media and focussed on Facebook. As promised, here is some more social media setup advice, this time looking at Twitter, YouTube and Sound Cloud.


With Twitter you can have as many accounts as you want, in as many weird and wonderful names as you like so long as they haven’t already been used. Just go to twitter.com and sign up. Try to use your band name. Again a photo is ideal. If you want other band members to have access you will need to give them the user name and password.


First you need to create an account, then, within that account, you can create channels. You can have a channel for your band and separate channels for any other videos you may want to upload (please, no more cat videos). If you want other band members to have full access you will either need to give them the user name and password of your account, or link it to a Google+ page (you will need to create one if you don’t already have one). If the YouTube account is linked to a Google+ page you should be able to “Add or Remove Managers” in the channel ‘s account settings. They will be invited by email and when they accept they will be able to access the YouTube channel from their own Google+ accounts (yes, they will need them too – bad one Google).

Sound Cloud

One other thing worth signing up for is Sound Cloud. It is used by many in the industry as well as music fans looking for new music, to listen to you. As with Twitter you will need to share the user name and password with other band members if you all need to manage it.

Band Roles

It is sometimes worth giving band members specific roles (ideally those which play to their strengths). For example, if you have someone who’s a great salesman, or extrovert, maybe they should have the role of approaching venues for gigs. Facebook and Twitter especially require constant updating, ideally more than once a day. But if someone in your band is already a social media addict, maybe you could give them this job. It would certainly avoid all the multiple admin hassle (not really much hassle once it’s setup) and other band members don’t need admin access to comment on Facebook so they can still take part. But if you are going to give the job to a single person, make sure they will be updating frequently. If not, it may be better to have multiple people doing it so that the flow is constant.

So that’s enough for today. More info on what to do with the accounts once you have them will follow. Happy tweeting.




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