Facebook Again

You may have seen in some earlier posts we talked about how to set up a Facebook page and what to do with it once it’s set up.

Well here we’re going to continue with that second part as last time was just the beginning. Getting likes is relatively easy. People seem to randomly click like on anything like it’s an automatic response. What you really need (and what those important industry people are actually looking for) is fan engagement, i.e. do they post, do they comment, do they ask questions?

How Can You Increase Fan Engagement?


If you search Facebook you can find many useful apps. Enter the keyword (be careful not to let Facebook automatically select the first option for you without giving you a choice – bad one Facebook – click on the magnifying glass to the right of the search box, don’t just hit enter) you are searching for and then click “apps” on the left.

You can use apps for competitions, polls and games

You can devise your own competitions and give away free tickets to a gig, signed photos, anything you think fans would like.

You can design a poll for relevant stuff (e.g. which is our best song, what would you like for an encore?) or silly stuff (e.g. who is the ugliest Hollywood celeb, which is your favourite Simpsons character?). Use “apps, questions” to do surveys

You can design your own game, hopefully relevant to the band as this may draw them away from your page and you don’t want them to forget you.

Put interviews on You Tube and link to or upload audio/podcast interviews

Build Street Teams

This is the ultimate in engagement. Street teams actively spread the word and promote you, nowadays mostly online. If you can find willing fans, you need to make sure that they are up to date with your latest news at all times. You need to provide them with promo materials and also exclusive goodies (mugs, t-shirts, etc.)  by way of payment.

Their role will include publicising you in forums and chat rooms, ringing radio stations to request your songs, putting up posters and handing out flyers at venues, and other places and even approaching local venues/promoters to get you gigs in their area. Make sure they know what you need for such gigs so as not to waste time with unsuitable venues.

Get People Talking and Keep Them Talking

Use provocative headlines to grab attention but keep the body conversational  (don’t start any controversies that may backfire and lose you fans).

Don’t Stagnate- keep content fresh/up to date/current.

Link to other peoples’ content if relevant – say some more interesting variation of “check out this link”.

Find something you don‘t agree with and ask peoples’ opinion.

Upload pictures, audio and video.

Keep things positive.

If you want to write something a bit longer than a 2 line post, use notes (look under apps, notes). Notes can include header, body (you can use HTML here if you know how) and pictures. They are more likely to be read with a picture than without. Notes can also link to a blog (if you or your band has one) and auto update with the blog

Take lots of photos at events. Tag people in the photos. Get people to tag themselves.

Use email addresses (if you have them) for non FB members (do they still exist?).

Link FB to your Twitter, web site, blog, YouTube channel, etc.

Always respond to comments – thank people, ask for clarification, answer questions, just respond somehow.

  1. I’m going to leave Facebook for now. Next time……Twitter. If you haven’t already signed up look here