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Hi there. Having already written about setting up some social media platforms, I plan to expand on how to use them. With this in mind, today I have some initial thoughts on Facebook.

Firstly, make use of Google. If people are looking for your band, your type of music, your songs, etc. make sure they can find them. SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) is a whole new blog of its own so I won’t go into details here (maybe a summary in a future post).

But make sure that you have links to other media (website, Twitter, YouTube, etc. on your Facebook as well as keywords. These are the words you think people will type into Google to find you e.g. “rock music in Leicester” (don’t underestimate the local crowd – but don’t worry; Google will pick up on “rock music” without the “in Leicester” as well – there will just be a LOT more pages competing with you for that).

The more often these words and phrases appear the higher up the search you will come, but do make them occur naturally. People still have to read your page and you don’t want to turn them off. And don’t expect miracles without a LOT of work.

Your Facebook page’s “About” tab is a great place to put some of this information. Fill in your profile with as much detail as possible and get those keywords in as often as you can without making it obviously forced.

Don’t make your page too busy. This applies to ordinary web pages too – make sure any apps or tools you have are actually useful. And keep the fans in mind. Make it interesting to them, not to you.

To get people onto  your page, invite people to join at gigs (you did make up those cards didn’t you?).

Take photos from the stage at gigs. Invite fans to take photos and upload them, Invite them to tag themselves in the photos – make sure you’ve allowed this in page settings.

Inject a bit of personality so it’s not too sterile, and encourage them to comment.

Don’t just be all business. Interact socially with fans. Share articles, photos of rehearsals, recording sessions and just social everyday things

Postings generate stories in fans newsfeed which generates more traffic. Adding apps works too; each app generates a story but remember to keep them useful.

Comment and respond to comments

Get users to upload videos

Post gigs as events and get users to RSVP. Post about gigs before they happen, get someone to post while they’re happening, and post photos, feedback and messages to fans who were there after the gig.

Once you have some fans who know your songs, get them to post encore song requests for gigs

Get a word of mouth mentality, not a marketing mentality. Make friends.

Who are your audience? What do they want? How do they want to be spoken to?

You’ve worked hard to get people to your Facebook. Don’t send them away. And don’t just feed Twitter into Facebook. Have separate Twitter and YouTube tabs on your Facebook page (search on Facebook for apps to do this).

Saturday is the best day for engagement so be sure to post lots.

Well that’s enough about social media for a little while. I will return to Facebook in future posts along with other social media, but now it’s time for a change. See you next time.


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