Fake Facebook Fans

There are many services out there who will try to sell you Facebook Likes. You pay them, X amount of money and they get Y people to click like on your page and suddenly your numbers look great. But most of these likes are from dummy accounts which no one ever uses and exist purely to give paid for likes.

There are a number of reasons why this is a bad move.

Firstly, it’s costing you money which could easily be better spent.

Secondly, many in the industry are wise to the tactic and will look at how many of those people actually engage. Do they comment, do they like individual posts, do they respond to questions?

Thirdly, if someone does fall for it and offer you a gig for example, how happy are they going to be when only 2 people turn up instead of the 150 they were expecting? That’s one contact lost, if you’re lucky. More likely he’ll tell 100 other potential contacts and your name is now mud.

A real fan is better than 100 fake fans. Sure some people may say, well you’ve only got 500 followers. But if you turn around and say, “all 500 of them bought our last CD” suddenly things look different. That’s 100% engagement (OK maybe I’m being a little over optimistic there but even 75% will probably impress them).

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So don’t just think quantity. Quality matters.

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