Get Connected

Online promotion is the big buzz these days. But doing stuff offline (recording, gigging, meeting contacts and fans and selling stuff) is also important. And if the 2 don’t connect you’re making your life a lot harder.

When people go to your website or Facebook page, what’s the first thing they see? How about news of your next upcoming gig? Hopefully you can organise a banner or a pop-up with your latest gig info on.

You can make Facebook posts stick to the top of the page and not get pushed down (at the top right after posting is a little down arrow, click and select “Pin to Top” from the menu which appears).  Or you could change your page header regularly to show the latest gig info.

You could also add a sales page to your FB and website (more in a future post) where you sell CDs, t-shirts, mugs, posters, etc.

And on those posters, mugs, CDS, etc….. do you have your website printed? If not, why not? Get it on EVERYTHING. You don’t just want someone finding your t-shirt in a charity shop and never knowing who you are. You want them engaging. Show them how.

Your FB, Twitter, Sound Cloud, YouTube and webpage must link to each other. But every physical item (flyers, badges, pens, posters) must have your website address on too.

At gigs, take photos and get fans to take them too. Get them uploaded on FB (you do your own and tell the fans at the gig to upload theirs). At the gig (and on FB) tell fans to look for and tag themselves and their friends.

Every tag A) engages that fan (they must be thinking of you to be there tagging), B) generates a story in their news feed on FB getting your name in front of their friends and C) gets into the newsfeed of any friends they (or you) tag.

You could even make a contest of it. Circle some people in different photos. If they identify themselves they get a free gift. It’s likely to get passed around by the person circled and their friends. And if you tell them at the gig, they’re more likely to go and look.

  1. Enough for today. Go get linking. 😉