How to Win Friends and Influence People

Who and what influences your music purchasing?

For me, as a child growing up it was my family and the radio. As I got older friends became more of an influence. These influences are probably common to most people. But in more modern times and with real new music seekers there are many other options.

One common way used on the internet is using similar recommendations. For example, when you play a video on YouTube there is a list of similar videos on the right hand side of the page. How can you get your video there?

The list is automated. YouTube’s software chooses what to put in the list based on matching words in the video titles, descriptions and tags. If it gets desperate and can’t find enough good matches using these it may use usernames to choose.

If you are desperate to get your video shown in the list every time someone types in James Blunt’s (for example) new single you will need to check the title, keywords and tags there and match yours as closely as you can to his. YouTube takes a while to update its database so don’t expect the effect to be immediate. It will take a good few hours. Best to leave it a day or 2 before expecting result but even then it’s not a guarantee.

In a similar vein, Amazon has their “people who bought this also bought…..” section. Assuming your promotional budget allows it, you need to choose a track/album you want to be associated with. Then, for example, you need to buy the new Wiley CD and at the same time your own CD. Do this a hundred or so times and Amazon will realize that people who bought the Wiley CD also bought yours and pass this information on to shoppers. If you do buy CDs rather than MP3s you can actually sell them back on Amazon Marketplace, albeit for a slightly lesser price and a postage cost hit.

iTunes “New and Noteworthy” section is actually manually selected by real people. You can’t pay to be on there but you can submit your release for consideration (again see guidelines above before submission) but here are a few additional tips you should pay attention to.

Submit early. Don’t do it the week before release. This section is planned weeks and months ahead.  You should also make your release available for pre-orders and make sure your fans buy early to show that there is interest already. But beware – pre-release sales will no longer count for chart position, so if you actually expect your release to chart, avoid pre-release sales.

And Apple will likely look at those all important numbers (FB likes, YouTube views, etc.) that we talked about before.

All of the above can get to the masses if you’re lucky. But another way to get your music heard by people who are actively seeking new music, is by submitting to music blogs.

Some popular music blogs (in no particular order) include:

Consequence of Sound
Indie Shuffle
Drowned in Sound
Your EDM
Pop Justice
Dancing Astronaut
Resident Advisor
All Hiphop
EDM Sauce
Large Hearted Boy
Rap Radar
2 Dope Boyz
Tiny Mix Tapes

The rules of submission discussed here apply here too. Check them before submitting to anyone.

Good luck. Let me know how you get on.


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