Making the Most of YouTube

We all know that YouTube is good for promoting our music. But how can we use it to best advantage. If you haven’t already set up a YouTube channel see here for how.

If you haven’t done it, you should. YouTube is the number one music discovery channel for younger people and the number 2 search engine on the whole internet.

Varied Content

As well as song videos, post live footage, “impromptu” unplugged performances in weird places, behind the scenes footage, interviews and candid footage of band activity. Also encourage fans to upload their covers of your songs.

Use Playlists

Create playlists of similar, established artists with one of your songs included so fans of the other bands can discover you (this works on many other sites too). Create a themed playlist of similar videos (not just your own) e.g. black and white videos, videos shot in parks, etc.

Use Tags

When you play a video on YouTube there is a list of similar videos on the right hand side of the page.

The list is automated. YouTube’s software chooses what to put in the list based on matching words in the video titles, descriptions and tags.

If you want to get your video shown in the list every time someone searches for One Direction’s (for example) new single you will need to check the title, keywords and tags there and match yours as closely as you can to theirs. YouTube takes a while to update its database so don’t expect the effect to be immediate.  (See here for similar tips for other sites).

These tags are also useful for people searching specifically for YOUR music so make sure to get some tags of your own in too.

Connect It All Together

YouTube has something called Cards (go to Video Manager, Edit, Cards) which are little pop ups which can appear over your videos at given times. They can link to your website, places to buy merchandise or links to encourage fan funding as well as others.

Grab Them By The Throat

Not literally you understand, but as with the previous song tips (see here), you need to grab them fast. If you bore them in the first few seconds, they’ll find something else to watch. Make the intro the strongest part of your song AND your video. You can bring all the credits and other stuff in AFTER you get them watching.


Sign up to YouTube’s partner programmer and you will share in the advertising revenue that YouTube makes when your videos are played. Some people have made a full time living out of this money alone (this obviously requires a LOT of views).

Enough for this time. Next time…..,.how can you make your videos go viral?