Getting More Media Coverage and Better Gigs

Just a short one today but a goodie nevertheless.

Once you get a show, ask the promoter to share their media list with you so that you can promote the gig. Most promoters will be happy to share as it’s in their interest for you to get the gig publicity but if they’re resistant, don’t push.

Once you have a media list make sure it’s up to date and add any others that you already know of.

Keep separate national media and local lists by region. People in New York really don’t care about your gig in LA.

Be a team player. If they want promotional materials (to send to media outlets for free giveaways for example) make sure that they get them in good time. 6 weeks ahead is a good rule of thumb but check with the individual promoter.

  • Tag the venue on FB and Twitter.
  • Give the venue/promoter things that THEY can share on FB and Twitter.
  • Respond to comments on the venues’ pages.
  • Make sure that media get compelling photos
  • Have the most compelling story angle on the bill.
  • Send them a schedule of interview availability long before the gig.
  • At festivals, hang out at the press table. Offer to help out with whatever needs doing.


And finally, make sure you do a standout performance and blow everyone away.

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