More Facebook (and Twitter) Mistakes

Last time we spoke about fake Facebook fans. Today I want to look at some other mistakes people make on social media.

Don’t Just Promote

Engage with people. It’s no good just posting the news that your new CD is available 500 times. By all means post it more than once as many people will miss it (especially on Twitter – a very live platform). But be sure to post lots of other stuff too; fun stuff; entertaining stuff; useful stuff. A good guide is a maximum of one promo post for every 4 other posts.

Not Posting Regularly

You need to post every day, ideally at the same times of day. You’re trying to build relationships so don’t leave people feeling ignored. Use Tweet Deck (Twitter only), Buffer or Edgar to schedule posts to happen automatically at given times).

Use Facebook/Twitter Analytics

These will tell you what days and times people are actually engaging. If you post at those times you will be much more effective. Buffer  and Hootsuite also offer some analytics for Twitter.

Give People a Reason to Be Interested

Tell people what they will get out of doing what you ask; Not just – listen to this (why should I?) but “This song will bring back that feeling you got on your night out last Saturday”. Intrigue people; “What on Earth is Tony doing at 1.30?” Interest people; “This clip was recorded when we visited a homeless shelter in Leeds – some of the stories were heart breaking – and some were inspiring”

Be Careful of Clichés and Buzzwords

Be genuine. Don’t tell people that you “rocked the house”. Speak from the heart about the great gig. Give specifics and name names where possible (unless you’re insulting someone in which case keep it anonymous). Appear like a human being, not a sales bot.

Well that’s enough of my ramblings for today. See you next time.