Be Professional

When you’re dealing with industry people, they are most likely very busy. Customers too have other options other than your band. If you look and act like an amateur you may not get very far.

Even if you don’t have a huge budget and a big office you can do a lot to give the perception of professionalism; as the old saying goes, “fake it until you make it”.

You hopefully put a lot of effort into making your music sound as good as possible. But if it’s let down by the “supporting cast”, many people will never hear it.

Your Media

Make your press pack, your business cards, you demo CDs, look professional. If you don’t have business cards, get some. There are plenty of websites which will do them cheaply. If you’re no good at design find someone who is. If you really can’t afford a professional, try an art/design student at your local college.


Make your business cards, CD labels, documents, web site match. Use the same logos, fonts, positioning, colours, etc.


If you can’t be bothered to get the spelling and grammar right people will think you don’t care. If you can’t do it yourself, get your old English teacher to check it.


Make your website look professional. It’s easy to make your website look every bit as good as organisations with 100 times your budget. There are many tools online which will help with website design.

A programmer is not a designer. Someone who can create a website doesn’t necessarily know anything about making it look good.

Facebook and Twitter are great tools but they should be directing people to your website.

Your Domain

If you can’t get “” – change your band name. Seriously, “.com” is everything. Don’t let anyone talk you into .music, info, etc. Get those by all means, but in ADDITION to .com, NOT instead of.

I once read the true story of a company which use .net, and spent a huge amount of advertising money telling people to go to their .net website. After the campaign was over, there was very little uplift in web site traffic. However, their competitors who had .com saw a big increase.

Customers saw the advertising but didn’t pay attention to the .net part, they just assumed .com. Your customers/fans will do the same when they look for you.


Simply put, if your stuff looks/sounds tatty and amateur, people will think you’re an amateur and won’t take you seriously. You have been warned. 😉