Other Promotion Ideas

I know it’s a short one today but hopefully a worthwhile one

I’ve already spoken about press and radio promotion along with Facebook and Twitter. Now I want to give you some other ideas.

Hey Mr DJ

Get a DJ to remix your music and share it on Mixcloud. Mixcloud is a website for, as its name suggests, remixes. Having a remix can open up your music to a whole new market and a whole new promotion avenue.

Use Instagram

Instagram has much less users than Facebook but Instagram allows your fans to see everything you post (Facebook filters what they see). And especially with a younger audience Instagram is very popular. Photos work here better than videos.

Organise A Charitable Event

This is going to be time consuming but potentially rewarding. Organise a charity concert. Raffle CDs to raise money or sell them with profits going to the charity. Pretty well guaranteed to get local press coverage.

Oh No! Not That Song Again

You know the one. It’s on the radio constantly and is driving you insane. Well get over it. That song is where you want to be. Cover it and put it on YouTube. When people are searching for it they may find your version and voila! Exposure. Piggy back on the latest craze. Be careful not to alienate existing fans though. Try to include them in the “joke”.

Clothing Line

No I’m not really advocating that you start your own clothing line. But do people actually WANT to wear your merchandise (T-shirts, caps, etc.)? Why not get a designer to update the designs? If you have a committed following it might just be worth the money.


Over to you. Can you think of any less traditional or more off the wall ways of promoting your music? Why not share them?