Stop The Press – Your Press Pack – part 1

If they’re interested in your press release (See last post) local papers, radio stations, venues or most places in the industry usually want a press pack or media pack. You should have an electronic version somewhere on your website so interested media organisations can download it if they want to write about you and printed ones ready to customise and post on request.

What Goes In It?

Usually you will have:

  • A Jacket
  • A bio (biography)
  • A fact sheet
  • Press clippings
  • Photograph(s)
  • A press release
  • A promotional letter
  • A CD?
  • Something special

In most cases now peoples prefer MP3s or links to Sound Cloud, but you should have some CDs ready as some people will ask for them.

The Basics

Everything in the pack should be consistent. Use the same colours, logos in the same places, contact details in the same places, etc.

You can make most of these things yourself if you have software such as Adobe Illustrator (for logo design, etc.), Adobe Acrobat Professional (not just the reader), Quark Express or similar. But if budgets are really tight you can use Microsoft Word.

The Jacket

This does not apply if you are sending materials electronically, but if you are sending physical documents you will need to get this professionally made. If budgets are tight you can use a generic one but doing it properly does make you look more professional and can make the difference between your stuff getting looked at, or getting thrown out unread. Remember the importance of first impressions.

This is basically a folder to hold everything else so you will need pockets for documents and a CD inside. If you do use generic, pre–made folders remember what I said about consistency of colours and logo placements. You could use logo sticker labels but it won’t look as good as professionally made ones.

Design it carefully. Are you going to print some of your photos and press cuttings on the outside? Whatever you do make it stand out. Make it eye-catching, shocking or in some way striking. Remember – first impressions. Look like you mean business. Look professional.

The Bio – (biography)

This must quickly tell the reader about you. Who are you? What do you do? How did you start it? How long have you been doing it? What is your line up; your style; your numbers (FB likes, etc.)? Summarise past, present and future.

It is the story of your act; all of the facts, hopefully told in an interesting style. If your writing isn’t great maybe try local colleges/universities to see if a journalism student will write it for you.

It needs to attract interest and give necessary information.

The Fact Sheet

This is an easy summary of many of the points above. Clarity of layout is key here. See example below:

Fact Sheet
Band Name
Record Company:      XYZ records
Management:                                    ABC management
Agent:                                     123 Agency
Hometown:                            New York City
Newest Album Name:            Our CD
Newest Single Name:            Our Single
Band Line-up:                           John Smith – VocalsPeter Brown – GuitarAlan Jones – BassMike Davies – Drums
Notable Points: Unique  unusual or interesting points here – about your music, etc.
Contact:                                  NameTelephoneEmail addressWeb siteFacebookTwitter

Sound cloud

That’s enough for today. I’ll finish in the next post. In the meantime, go and get writing and designing logos and layouts.


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