Getting More Media Coverage and Better Gigs

Just a short one today but a goodie nevertheless. Once you get a show, ask the promoter to share their media list with you so that you can promote the gig. Most promoters will be happy to share as it’s in their interest for you to get the gig...


Show Me The Money

Some of you might love making music so much that you’d happily do it for free forever, and that’s great. If you’re happy with your day job and music as a hobby I’m very happy for you. It may be that you’re not so happy with the 9-5 but...


Top 10 Tips for Bands – part 1

As readers of my first post will know, I plan to cover a lot of information; which means that, if you’re new to the industry you may be waiting for a long time before you get enough information to make a useful difference.  So I thought, to get people...