Media Promotion

If you have a big advertising budget and can afford a PR firm then by all means feel free to skip this post. However, for the rest of us, there are definitely things we can do for ourselves. Even if you CAN afford the big boys it’s good to...


Stop The Press – Your Press Pack – part 2

Last time we started on how to write a press/media pack. Today we’ll carry on to complete the list below. A Jacket A bio (biography) A fact sheet Press clippings Photograph(s) A press release A promotional letter A CD? Something special Press Clippings Of course you won’t have any...


Stop The Press – Your Press Pack – part 1

If they’re interested in your press release (See last post) local papers, radio stations, venues or most places in the industry usually want a press pack or media pack. You should have an electronic version somewhere on your website so interested media organisations can download it if they want...