Target Markets

Some things for you to think about when planning your marketing strategy today.


Who is your music aimed at? Will it be bought by the over 30s? Teenagers? Urban or rural people? Male or female?

How can you target your advertising and promotion to your market?

Is you record more likely to be bought in record shops or supermarkets?

Is it a mass market style or a niche market?

Which type of radio stations are most likely to play your music?

Is it appropriate for night-club promotion?

Is your market large enough and broad enough to justify TV advertising?

Four “P”s of Marketing


Style and quality of the artist – mainstream, niche

Packaging of the product


Full price – usually established artists

Introductory price  – for promoting new artists

Budget price – for back catalogue


Airplay – radio, record shop, MTV, online playlists (make your own and mix your track in with similar established artists. Encourage fans to create some too), etc.

Retail – adverts in shops

Samplers – free giveaway tasters of your music

Listening posts – getting your CD onto the listening posts in your local music shop


Records shops, and non-music outlets – petrol stations sell CDs as do some bookstores and clothes shops.

A good, visible place within the shop (on the counter, in the front window, on the end of a product rack)

Place in time – where is your CD in the record company release schedule? Which

other acts are releasing in the same week? – traditionally January is the time to launch new acts. All the big acts got their records out for Christmas and so things are quiet with major releases (although this is now getting pretty crowded with new artists). Also it’s a new year and the radio is looking for new things.

Do your market research.

Play your music to people whose opinions you think are valid. Ask them questions about it. Try to get honest answers.

Monitor radio stations. Are any playing music similar to yours?

Reaching Your Audience

Playlists are now one of the biggest sources of discovery.

Send advance copies to key music blogs (see here) and use Google for a more up to date list. A review or even just a mention in these blogs can do wonders.

Sharing on FB/Twitter – especially by your fans is great too.

Radio and TV can be effective – especially with younger buyers.

Record shop browsers and word of mouth are good.

Get advance copies to a few reliable people and get them to write Amazon reviews.

Newspaper ads and articles can be effective with 20 somethings and the right type of music.

Clubs and college radio (US) can also be effective.

Younger listeners are usually more open to innovative music.


The population is ageing

Younger buyers are more likely to illegally download (in 2002 70% of downloaders were under 25% and 2/3 were male)

Females also buy more music than males so if you can target them, even better.



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