Top 20 Tips For Fan Conversion

  • Get some fan questions and make a Q and A video. You could even invite the fans to ask the questions on video themselves.
  • Why not create a fan of the week feature on FB or your website?
  • Send a fan a USB stick full of your songs or videos.
  • Create a one off item of merchandise and give it to a fan.
  • Find out a fan’s favourite shop and send them a $10 voucher.
  • Take a fan to the movies.
  • Send a signed, hand-written lyric to a fan.
  • Send some band stickers to your fans.
  • Why not go eat something with some fans after a gig?
  • Challenge a fan to a join you in a friendly competition.
  • Got a fan who’s graduating? Why not customize one of your songs for them?
  1. What about a birthday? Make personal birthday song for them
  1. Send a fan a special coupon. – e.g. $10 of merchandise, a free t-shirt, etc.
  1. Choose a fan and let them announce your new music video first.
  1. Get on Twitter and share something useful (not band related) with fans.
  1. Find a fan who wants to release your video on their own YouTube channel.
  1. Have Skype? Why not make a video call to a fan for a quick chat.
  1. Try to respond to comments and emails immediately.
  1. Have a fan who does graphic design? Why not let them make some artwork for you?
  1. Have a fan who likes puzzles? Why not send them one?




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