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We’ve covered Twiiter before but I wanted to add some more details especially about how to get more followers.

As with Facebook, quality is better than quantity when it comes to Twitter followers.  It’s better to have followers who actually read and respond to what you write rather than just sheer numbers.

Interact with the people you want to follow you.

First find your targets. Look for the big names in your field. This could be similar acts or industry people Or the influencers who other people follow and take note of. Read the conversations. Can you add to them with something interesting/relevant? If not, start a new (interesting or relevant) conversation with your target. Re-tweet their posts to your followers. The more you re-tweet the more they are likely to notice you but be careful. If you do too much re-tweeting and not enough of your own tweets Twitter may block your account.

Use the #FF or #FollowFriday tag to suggest to other people to follow your targets. The targets  may take note and follow you. This tag is usable EVERY Friday.

Also, search for terms relevant to your band/project, e.g. new bands, rock songs, rappers, etc. Use the same methods as above but not too much re-tweeting of unknowns or you may annoy your followers. Be selective.

Use the #FF tag to promote people with lots of followers. Again they may notice and follow you back. This may lead their followers to follow you too.

Use Hashtags

#FF is an example of a hashtag. Use Google to find common hashtags on your topic e.g. #musicindustry, #hiphop. #newmusic. If you search for these hashtags you should hopefully find suitable tweets. This works both ways. If you want people to find YOUR tweets put suitable hashtags at the end of them.

Be Active

Post regularly but not too much in one go. A main reason for people un-following is being flooded with your content. So a few tweets at a time but regularly and often, spread out through the day and week.

You can use programmes such as Hootsuite or Tweetdeck to schedule tweets (and FB posts in some cases) so you don’t actually have to be online constantly.

Update You Profile

Make sure links to you website and Facebook are included and a photo. Describe your music in half a dozen words and list a few bands you are influenced by/sound like (don’t get too – “no one sounds like us – we’re unique” – firstly it sounds arrogant and secondly it’s highly unlikely that you’re THAT unique).If you claim to sound like or be influenced by a band they like, they may listen to you.

OK. Break time. More Twitter next time.


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