Twitter Again

OK. Carrying on from last time…..

Respond to Critics

If someone says some negative, acknowledge what they say. Try to find the truth in it and thank them for their comment/feedback. You may just turn and enemy into your biggest supporter if you’re diplomatic enough. DON’T get into slanging matches. Remember this is public. anyone can see it and you may put off a lot of followers. If things get out of hand, offer to speak offline and try to smooth things over privately.

Write Long Tweets / Include Links

Twitter only allows short messages so you can’t really overdo it and research shows that longer tweets get more response as do those which include links (use to keep the links short so you have space for your message).

Rinse and Repeat

It’s fine to post the same comment many times. Just space it out. Twitter is such an immediate system that if someone isn’t online and paying attention at the moment you post, it will probably pass them by. So saying it again a few hours later will catch a whole load of new people. Of course, if you can say the same thing in a different way even better.

Don’t Be Afraid To Tweet Big Names

On Twitter everyone is equal. Big stars are there and accessible. Of course, they’re very in demand so don’t expect replies to everything you say. But it’s certainly possible to get a conversation with them if you’re persistent, interesting and lucky.


If you’re stuck for things to Tweet, try one of the following:

  • Link to a news story.
  • Ask a question
  • Share a quote
  • Congratulate someone
  • Disagree with someone – be nice
  • Talk about a problem you’re having with a product
  • Predict something
  • Recommend an account (especially on Follow Friday 😉 ).
  1. Enough for now. More on marketing and promotion which isn’t specifically Twitter based next time. Good luck.