Your Website – Ease Of Use – part 1

What I want you to think about today is, is your website as effective and user-friendly as it could be?

If people can’t find what they’re looking for in seconds they will just click “back” and go to the next option on Google. How easy is it for people to find what they want on your website? Think about your menu buttons.


A button/link which says “music” is pretty straightforward and requires little or no thought. A button/link which says “some songs here” takes a little more thought. It may only be half a second, but it’s still detracting from the ease of navigation. A button or link which says “music-o-rama” could be confusing. It might lead to some music or it might lead to a discussion about music or other stuff. It’s confusing.

It is also important to make links LOOK like links so that they’re obvious. Make it obvious that “this is meant to be clicked on” (e.g. raised 3d effect buttons stand out more than boxes which stand out more than text) or it might get missed.


The more options you give people, the less likely they are to bother. The more cluttered your page, the more likely that they won’t find what they’re looking for and will give up looking.

Most people “don’t read the manual”. They want to be able to find the “right switch” with no effort. Make sure that your website is clear and effortless.

There’s a reason why Google, Ebay, Amazon, etc. are primarily black on white. There’s a reason why the ribbons on Word, Excel and Power Point look almost identical. Make people’s life easy and they’re more likely to stick around.

Prioritise what users are most likely to want to find. Prioritise what’s important to YOU that they find. Make the most common and most important links the most obvious. If you want people to buy your new CD, make the purchase link obvious.

If you need to have lots of links in your menu, use submenus (you know, where you hover over and another menu drops down) to avoid clutter.


  1. More next time. See you there.

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